January 3, 2007

Do We Really Want to be Self Governing?

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rightgraphic.jpgLet’s be serious. From the outside, the majority of students appear to not care one way or another about taking part in the governing aspects of the school. During ASM people seem to be spacing out, reading, listening to music or talking to the people near them. Are they there so they have a free period? If attending, they should be participating in the discussions and making the decisions.

The talk in the hall and the classrooms, is about people saying how they hate ASMs and are totally bored or sick of how people are not respectful.

If we are going to keep the same system, how do we make it work?

If we change, are we going to show that we care about the process by joining in House and Senate discussions?

What is the right thing?

What do you want your school to look like, politically?


As Challenges Arise

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As we enter our second semester, it has becomehelping_out_each_other.jpg time for you to assess what you have accomplished thus far in our school and our community.  It isn’t only the big things that have impact, like, helping the elderly or tutoring after school, but also, doing what you need to do in and around the classroom.  Have you picked up the piece of paper that you passed on the floor, or returned the plate or scissors to the appropriate place, even if it wasn’t yours.

The question is:  Do you go out of your way to help out the school or your community without receiving any acknowledgment for your deeds?   How do students step out of their own world to give to others?