April 19, 2007

Are we prepared to deal with 2007’s Violence?

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:31 pm by gary

images.jpgThis week’s violence is a frightening commentary on our world here in America. We are a country born through the use or weapons, yet we do not tend to update ourselves to the times and situations that exist. How are we to stay on top of the changes that subtly exist over time that make us numb to the horrors that exist in society? How will we stay aware of the transgressions that happen in our neighborhoods and schools? We need to stay in touch and keep talking. Let silence not fall on us.



  1. Random ACS'er said,

    why do we need to see the face of a murderer on this sight….why give him posthumous airtime…where was teh attention prior to the shootings that may have helped prevent this? why not show the carnage he left in his wake to put a face on that…the result of bullying

  2. Random ACS'er said,

    get this picture off the sight

  3. gary said,

    You were right about the picture – I changed the image. Thanks for the heads up and awareness.

  4. someone said,

    i think that it is ridiculous to make such a bigdeal about a school shooting….dont get me wrong its a horrible tragedy adn it should have been prevented but i dont see how a school shooting can make the front page and the hundreds of thousands of people dying in other countries….every day gets pushed to the back of peoples minds or just not heard about in mainstream media….it shocks me that people would have the nerve to ask me to have a moment of silence for anna nicole smith when there are so many other people dying wo deserve our respect and our well wishes

  5. jordan said,

    I completely agree with someone said, I think this is a great tragedy, and we should also honor it, but we should pay attention to the deaths every day in other countries. Every day people in Iraq die, and we should respect that too instead of just becoming used to it.

  6. Vicky Sisouphone said,

    this is a good question…… communication is a good key in part of this….. I think we become numb not realizing the horros that we face sometmes everyday and after a while we get so use to being that way that we are scared to change our ways of dealing with horrors a problems in the world we live in today. There is nowhere we know of that we can turn to. Change can affect everybody big or small and numbing ourselves sometimes is the only answer for some people. All we can do is hope that people will get rid of the numbness and open their eyes to reality.
    P.S. Miss you guys, haven’t seen anybody in over a month and I hope you all are healthy and well… (been out of school in the hospital)

  7. Abigail Seo-Youn Dubovi said,

    “Just a school shooting?”-I find this form of marked indifference regarding the growing conflicts within our own country both terrifying and overly simplistic. How truly different is this nation from others when our own citizens face increasing fear when entering an institution for higher learning? Looking at the VT shooting, how much should we deem these horrific events as meaningless when a Korean American student blatantly suffering from severe mental illness went unnoticed through middle, high school, and college before conducting the bloodiest school shooting in history? What does this mean when we look and see that the Asian population at Cornell has now reached the 23% mark, yet we are still struggling to figure out the most effective ways to help international students assimilate into this culture.
    It is easy to romanticize those countries and individuals which lack the greatest resources, yet human suffering is universal and the discomfort one experiences is all relative to the cultural and societal context one finds themself in. What’s more disturbing?-A child starving in Africa primarily due to the lack of food, or the five million Americans opting towards self-starvation to fulfill an ideal (which evidenced by the refusal of many countries to participate in the size 0 ban) endorsed by the international community. Many would claim that anorexia and related eating disorders are selfish-but is abstaining voluntarily from certain foods which we are evolutionarily predisposed to consume such with vegetarianism and veganism (both fully supported even encouraged by the ACS community) considered selfish or altruistic?
    In short, it is CRUCIAL that we do not disregard or undermine the plight of citizens inhabiting this country for one simple reason: If all works out, and third world countries one day reach first world status, they will face similar if not the exact same social/political/even tabloid issues the U.S. fights today. As a country of immigrants, we are literally the proverbial “canary” for the rest of the “Undeveloped world.” It’s all in Maslov’s hierarchy of needs: If your hungry you search for food, once you attain food you learn how to cultivate it, once you have a surplus of food you get anorexia and diabetes. School shootings are not irrelevant even in relation to the “Worldlier” issues out there which will get you more attention at a cocktail party: Due to the increase in school shootings and the nation’s collective silence over gun control, some schools are now considering arming their teachers and even students with weapons. Hmmm….walking to class and seeing everyone armed just may land you on the cover of National Geographic. Just remember, giving more men penises wont lead to a decrease in pregnancies.
    The next time the overwhelming majority at an ASM wants to send aid to other countries instead of Katrina simply due to the failure of FEMA, think before you jump on the bandwagon. Are we really making a statement or are we punishing our fellow citizens who are being oppressed and exploited under our own government in exchange for appearing unique and cultured? Peace.

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