October 1, 2007

Time to rethink the unthinkable (Fall Retreat)? or What are our values?

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So, after watching Fall Retreat over the years, there are some things that we might want to reconsider.

Why, as an alternative school, do we play a game (Rugby) where inevitably people do get hurt and end up missing Fall Retreat by going to the hospital. This has the possibility of climaxing with a brain injury or other long term calamity.

The talent show used to showcase the skills and creative aspects that our students have and has become a commentary of drinking and partying. What statements are we making when we have a “beer pong” competition between a 9th and a 12th grader. Are we emulating fraternity mentality before we even enter college and are at least three years under the drinking age?

And while we are writing about decision making and questioning our values …………… I do remember that Dara wanted to do a fundraiser which included cross dressing. Paul did such a thing at the Fall Retreat to a very appreciative audience. What makes one acceptable and the other not?