March 3, 2009

How Big Do We Go?

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I know there is a thought out there that we should get bigger and take on more students – not necessarily as a means to deal with our budget issues or the upcoming charter school, New Roots, but, more in response to pressure from the community.  This community might be the administration community, or, it might be all the parents and students who do not get to attend our school.  I wish we could take on the world, yet, in our little hallways – and with our little rooms, I don’t see much of an opportunity to expand.  With our construction project pending when we see the addition of two rooms (maybe, it is two) I do not see the situation being alleviated for passing in the halls, lunch time, family groups, and the day to day mission of attending to and developing relationships in the classroom.  Our concern should be maintaining and strengthening what we have.  Our school works!  That is pretty cool in itself.  If they want us to consider four kids per grade – why not five – or even six.  This all brings us to the issue that I did not want to bring up of how would we deal with more students or even the same number, who have bigger bodies (if we were transformed into a high school?)   Hey, if there is anyone who likes a shakeup every now and then, it is me.  Or maybe even us.  Is that what makes us alternative, not wanting to do the mindless walk every day?  We are here, to change the world – but, we can only embrace so many people at a time.

The photo is my sixth grade class (less than half the enrollment of that grade) and they hardly have any elbow room or space – If something spills or gets knocked – their neighbor will not be happy.  (Oh, and the dust masks – just because – because they can – and it does not interfere with their learning and participation.)6th grade art - filling the room!